Motion Control Suspension's 3-Way Remote Damper

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Motion Control Suspension 3-Way Remote Dampers

  • Monotube Design
  • 18 Clicks of High Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 10 Clicks of Low Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 18 Clicks of Rebound Adjustment
  • 22 MM Shafts
  • Adjustable Reservoir Nitrogen Pressure

The MCS 3-Way damper is the ultimate damper for professional racers or anyone that demands ultimate performance. The 3-Way remote reservoir canister has been designed to give the engineer, suspension tuner, or driver more control over the vehicle platform by adding adjustment to the low-speed compression damping performance.

This damper set features a full 18 clicks of high-speed compression, 10 clicks low-speed compression, and 18 clicks of rebound adjustment. The low-speed bump adjuster is located on top of the high-speed adjuster and can be adjusted independently. The reservoir pressure can be adjusted between 100 – 275 PSI to help support the platform in fast cornering or generate more weight transfer / traction at low velocity.

The low-speed compression adjuster is very helpful to better control both body roll at turn-in, as well as pitch and squat movements. Reducing low-speed compression damping can help to quickly increase traction on bumpy tracks. Precise control of the chassis platform is a tremendous tuning advantage.