Motion Control Suspension's 1-Way Non-Remote Damper

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Motion Control Suspension's 1-Way Non-Remote Damper.

  • Monotube Design
  • 18 Clicks of Rebound Adjustment
  • 22mm Strut Shafts

The MCS 1WNR damper is a Single-adjustable damper. Well-mannered on the street and capable of making higher-rate springs feel smooth – crank up the damping levels and have the capability to go win races. 1WNR dampers have tremendous capability in a clean, easy to install and use package.

These dampers are packed with technical features but with an elegantly clean execution. The monotube design is very stable with more oil capacity and better heat dissipation than twin tube dampers. Large strut shafts give extremely high, low-friction side-load support unmatched by shocks inverted and converted for strut applications. The large main piston gives quick, accurate damper response and the divider piston separates oil and gas, eliminating cavitations which often cause noise and sloppiness.